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Creating our own autumnal forest

One of the novelties of this year is the new Art Project in Primary, in which students work in mixed and flexible groups working topics interrelated between music and arts & crafts. Although it’s been only one month since we have started classes, the students have been investigating, learning and creating from both subjects about the 60s, the subject that we’re going to focus on during almost all this School Year.

So up to now, in Arts&Crafts they’ve been introduced to the fashion design and the fashion of the 60s by analysing pictures from the 60s belonging to their families and by Music, as they’ve been studying differents bands that their parents or grandparents used to listen to at that time.

However, keeping in mind that we’re in Autumn Season, Paula though “Why don’t we have a break and create our own autumnal forest in our school?”. So, taking advantage of the creativity of the elementary students, in Arts&Crafts they are working in an installation that represents an autumnal forest.

Although in the Art Project they’re still working in mixed-age groups by their stage, all groups are working together for the Forest, so while the little ones are creating clay sculptures about the little things that we can find on the floor in the forest, the middle stage is reproducing different vegetation and textures with watercolors and drawing, and the higher stage is working with warm colours of the autumn using collage. All this work will conclude with an exhibition that will be placed in the hall next week.