20170617 141404

News from Wales!


Our first day was exhausting! We arrived to Manchester airport and we had lunch there. Right after, a coach was waiting for us to drive us to Llandudno. We quickly reached our destination: an impressing huge Victorian hotel with great views over the sea.

After unpacking our luggage, we relaxed for a while at the beach. It was so warm that some of us jumped into the sea! Definitely, it is not the Mediterranean Sea: how cold was the water!!! 

After dinner, we went to the famous Great Orme, we visited an impressive huge cave and saw goats and sheep. And later on we reached the top of the mountain where we enjoyed a group game. As we were very tired, we went to sleep early.

It was nice because we did a lot of activities only the first day.


Today we started our second day in Llandudno singing Happy Birthday to Chiara. After having a self-service breakfast at Trinity House, we improvised a brioche cake to celebrate with her. After a pause, we attended our first English lesson: we cooked the typical Welsh pastry, called scone.

Then, we had some free time to play in a spectacular natural park two-minute away from the house. Then we had lunch: potato omelette and pasta, fruits… and even some mussels from the Conwy Bay.

Later on, we went to the Little Orme to see seals and make an excursion. The objective was to observe seals in their natural habitat, but we only could see the head of one of them swimming.

We finished our afternoon at the beach swimming in the Irish Sea and having fun making sandcastles. But not everything was so wonderful: we had to run because the tide was rising quickly and some of our belongings got almost wet!

After the swim we were very hungry but luckily a delicious pizza was waiting for us! To finish our day, we had a nice walk along the Llandudno promenade.

Now we are exhausted after this incredibly sunny and warm day in Llandudno.