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We offer eight different programs aimed at the various branches of University studies, all within Science-Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Core subjects are carried out with approximately 20 to 25 students, whilst elective classes consist of smaller groups.

60-30-30 working method: 60 minute long classes of which 30 minutes are devoted to content explanation and the remaining 30 to the practical appliance of the recently acquired knowledge. We promote perseverance.

Our school collaborates with Cambridge University, which allows our students to achieve different levels and certificates of English.

We train our students to pass successfully the “Selectividad”, which is the exam required to enter University. Evaluation: there is a minimum of 6 bi-monthly evaluations, which help for constant improvement.

Tutoring and Research Project follow-up throughout the two Bachillerato years. Guidance and advice concerning the choice of future studies. Vocational Guidance: our students are provided with personalised follow-up and attention. Daily attendance check in every subject.

Intensive timetable from 8:00am to 2:30pm