We safeguard our pupils’ integral development

We aim to develop and foster the maximum physical, emotional, cognitive, linguistic, artistic and relationship building skills.

We follow a constructivist learning method, through which the child is actively involved in his/her learning process in order to make it truly meaningful.

We focus on the principle of Learn to Learn, which consists of making our students acquire meaningful knowledge on their own, in other words, making our students learn the “job of learning”.

We work to boost our students’ personal autonomy, which is very important at this age. We encourage creativity, curiosity, scientific thinking, motivation, self-confidence and the eagerness to learn. Our didactic intervention is carried out on the basis of Multiple Intelligences, according to which pupils have more than one type of intelligence, capability, talent or ability. Our goal as teachers is to be aware of these skills and to enhance them. For this reason we place special importance on diverse learning processes such as Art, PE, Music, Chess, PEI…

Open enrolment until the spaces run out.

To enrol please send an e-mail to info@pereziborra.com or call the following number (0034) 93 488 00 57.