Daily work as the key to success

60-30-30 working method: 60 minute long classes of which 30 minutes are devoted to content explanation and the remaining 30 to the practical appliance of the recently acquired knowledge. We promote perseverance by checking our students’ homework on daily basis.

Evaluation: there is a minimum of 6 bi-monthly evaluations, aiming for constant improvement. English language learning is still a priority for us, which is the reason why not only do we introduce History as a subject taught in English during all four years of ESO, however we also offer other subjects in English. Furthermore, our school collaborates with Cambridge University, which allows our students to achieve different levels and certificates in English.

Project-based learning used in Preschool and Primary Education progresses into the Scientific Method. This subject promotes interdisciplinarity and it consists on designing and conducting experiments. We aim to foster scientific vocation and creativity starting from our pupils’ own interest.
We keep working with a cooperative learning method, understood as learning methods consisting of dividing the class into smaller heterogeneous groups. On one hand, this allows students to work together in a coordinated manner to solve academic tasks. On the other hand, the cooperative learning method also allows students to work independently and thus helps them to assume responsibilities regarding their own learning process and fosters critical thinking. Elective subjects complement core subjects.
We offer our students the possibility to retake any failed subjects or improve their results during summer school.
Furthermore we celebrate both the Science Week and the Cultural Week, amongst others. We provide our students with career advice or vocational guidance so they can choose the path that most interests them and suits their future, as well as personalised follow-up and attention.

Daily attendance check and immediate contact with families.

Timetable from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 1:30pm and from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. Friday from 9am to 2:30pm. Once a week they start at 8am due to their PE class.
Half board service available.