We offer our students the necessary means and tools to train them as citizens and future professionals.

We provide them with solid knowledge, acquired both from experimentation and practice, which are the pillars of the Active School. We promote an active learning process, in which the creativity and initiation of each student can be developed, as well as their research and scientific attitude. We place great importance on procedural contents (study habits and methods, planning and organization, task revision, neatness, etc.)

We aim to be aware of our pupils’ capabilities in order to show them how to maximize their virtues.

We promote values such as perseverance, responsibility, motivation, and the spirit of self-improvement and putting effort into achieving goals. We expect our students to be active, collaborative and responsible with the school community so they subsequently act this way in the society they live in. That is the reason why we actively involve our students in school activities (help with the younger classmates, become a reading coach, assist at Carnival and other school celebrations and activities). We believe in coexistence and respect towards all of the people belonging to the educative community. The relationship between students and teachers is mainly based on this respect. We train our students to find their place in our present society. Our goal is not only pedagogical or didactical, but also includes social skills and life experiences.

Open enrolment until the spaces run out.

To enrol please send an e-mail to info@pereziborra.com or call the following number (0034) 93 488 00 57.