Constructivist learning: activities to promote

experimentation and creativity

Early Stimulation Method based on Glenn Doman’s Method flash cards.

We promote curiosity and interest towards learning by performing activities that include experimentation, observation, manipulation and discovery.

We approach learning in a relaxed and recreational style through games, as at that age it is the most effective method and helps them grow and learn how to share.

A daily hygiene routine is very important amongst our pupils, as well as eating proper and timely meals, changing the baby’s nappy and resting.

Furthermore, we are well aware of the moment of drop-off and pick-up, and believe that all of these moments are opportunities to gain a closer and stronger relationship with the pupil.

We place special importance on Arts, Music and PE –also known as Psychomotility– given that at these early ages movement helps in physical, mental, and socio-emotional development. For this reason, activities that foster motor skills development are carried out daily within the Early Stimulation Method, as well as a weekly session of Psychomotility.

Children in their second nursery year are introduced to swimming lessons once a week at the facilities of Holmes Place, an exclusive fitness centre 140 metres away from our school.

Music lessons are taught by a specialist. They consist of enjoying the music in an experimental way throughout the perception of the qualities of sound, the manipulation of instruments, body expression, singing and dancing.

Learning the English language is one of our priorities; therefore our children are given daily English lessons with a specialised teacher.