The main pillars of our didactic intervention: interactive projects, group workshops, mathematical logic, reading and writing activities.

We work within an integrative methodology, using different learning methods:

Early Stimulation Method based on Glenn Doman’s Method flash cards.

Project based learning influenced by Reggio Emilia. It allows children to learn about their social and natural environment starting from their own interests: they are asked to brainstorm what they want to learn about. From that point onwards, the pupil based actively works on investigation and scientific thought. It implies an organisational practice under the principles of investigation, exploration, creativity, questioning and visualisation of the learning processes.

Group workshops: an organisational strategy that allows us to meet the different interests, capacities and learning skills of each child. We mix preschool children of all ages and levels in order to create situations to interact, cooperate and socialize. We offer four workshops: Artistic, Vegetable Garden and Experimentation, Symbolic Games and Drama. All of them are focused on developing the linguistic, experimental, recreational and creative capacities of our pupils.

Mathematical logic & reading and writing activities: four or five simultaneous activities are set up by the teachers, and the children take turns in small groups participating in all activities.

Learning the English language is one of our priorities, which is why our children are given daily English lessons with a specialised teacher. We have specialised Music and Psychomotility teachers as well as dedicated classrooms to carry out these artistic courses in the most enriching manner. We also place special importance on psychomotor development, as at this age movement helps in physical, mental and socioemotional development. The chosen methodology is subject to previous experiences, activities and games. Parallel to the weekly tasks carried out during the Psychomotility lessons, the children take swimming lessons at Holmes Place, an exclusive and nearby fitness centre. Furthermore, a Physical Fitness Program takes place daily within the Early Stimulation Method.

We place great importance on daily routines as they are of high educational value. Our pupils explore, grasp, move and interact through daily routines such as personal hygiene, timely meals, and drop-off and pick-up situations.