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WALES. Day 1

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Hi parents!

Our day has been exhausting but hilarious: after waiting more than one hour at the airport we entered the plane and finally took off. It was a nice flight, except for the last 20 minutes, when we suffered some turbulences.

We were starving because it was 3 pm and we hadn’t eaten anything! Hopefully, Rachel and Lloyd were waiting for us with our picnic. After eating we went to Llandudno by bus and we arrived to the Trinity House. What a beautiful Victorian building and fantastic views over the sea!

For dinner, we had the typical fish & chips, at 6 pm. When we finished, we went for a walk at the Happy Valley: a nice green area near the Trinity House. There, we saw some sculptures of Alice in Wonderland characters, made of wood. We spent more than 2 hours running, jumping, playing and doing gymnastics, we had a lot of fun!

At dawn we came back to the house and we had some biscuits with milk to get ready for bed time.