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More news from Wales

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Hi parents,

This Wednesday has been a busy and sunny day, however it was very cloudy and chilly when we got up. After breakfast we started our English lessons in a school in the downtown. At the beginning, we thought they would be very boring but there weren’t, in fact we had lots of fun.

Later we went to Conwy, a cosy medieval village with a spectacular castle, and we had a picnic near the sea. Afterwards we visited the smallest house of the UK: a two-floor house measuring only 6 square metres! Then, we entered the castle and we climbed its towers.

In the afternoon we went crabbing at the Llundundo Pier: we prepared the fishing lines with a slice of bacon as a hook. Some minutes later, the first crab took the bait, but, unfortunately, we lost it on the way. Although we didn’t fish anything, we had a good time!

After dinner, we went to the beach and the tide was low, so we could spend a great time playing on the sand and collecting shells. Our favourite game was a sack race.