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Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania!

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This year all the monsters, witches and ghouls agreed to organize their annual meeting at one of the most chilling places ever. Our school is dressed up as a terrifying hotel to celebrate a very hair raising Halloween. For one day, the classrooms have turned into creepy rooms, the tables into beds and the books into mysterious old pictures. Do you dare come in?  If you do, be careful because it’s full of surprises!

Our primary students have participated in a challenging room escape organized by the oldest ones. Suddenly they found themselves in the dark, locked in some of the hotel rooms! The only option to be free again was to discover the 4 secret numbers to open the padlock. It was not easy… they had to do their best to go out: decode secret messages, pop ghost balloons with surprises, guess some complicated riddles or think of a strategic chess move. They even got their hands dirty to find a certain number of screws in a bloody potion…And all this within an hour..tick tock tick tock.

Despite all these difficulties they all solved the problems and managed to escape in less than one hour! In fact, the ones who did it the fastest were the children lead by Nuria. They just needed 21 minutes to get the right combination of numbers to open the padlock: amazing!

Regarding the youngest ones they also had their own version of a room escape, although it was slightly different…

In this occasion they were in a “bedroom” too but there was no padlock to open or one hour to do it. Instead they had to find a key to open the door and be free again. The key that had been drawn was under a pumpkin that they had to find around the classroom together with 5 more pumpkins.

The first thing they saw when entering into the room were 4 monsters from Hotel Transylvania waiting for them with a welcome letter. They started reading it and soon the children were absorbed in a good number of funny activities and games:

They had their faces painted to look like real monsters, they ate Filipinos from a string without using their hands, they made a skeleton with tortellini (Skeletoni), guessed a riddle, played the “Mr. Skeleton where’s your bone?” game and they have looked for pumpkins.

At the end of the day they all got lots of candy and have had a fantastic time celebrating Halloween at Hotel Transylvania. We are sure that next year they will carry their bags and suitcases there again.