5th and 6th graders visit Cosmocaixa

On Thursday 12th May, 5th and 6th graders visited Cosmocaixa on the occasion of the Day of Science at the school. The visit was planned in two parts: first of all a guided tour and then a free visit at the museum.

Students in 5th grade were guided throughout the History of Matter: from the tininess of an atom to the immensity of the Universe. All they already knew interesting information about this, as it is what they have been working during this school year in the Science class.

They explored the changes of state with their hands, they experienced what magnetism is and they looked at several ecosystems responsible for life on Earth.

6th graders followed a guided tour in English about the Human origins. From Lucy to Sapiens sapiens, they had the opportunity to revive our ancestors’ way of life, their tools, discoveries, practices… also as a review of what the studied during the year.