A mentor collaboration between P5 and year 6

This project is called “my dream stuffed toy”. It’s a mentor collaboration between P5 and year 6 and it consists of transforming an imaginary character drawn on a paper into a stuffed toy. That means that children have to be able to extract the essence of a 2 dimensional character and look for the most suitable fabric, paint and decoration to make the character real (3D).

The day that the project was introduced to year 6 we decided to design a Flow Diagram for sequencing the project: First, each P5 child designs their own dream character on a paper. Then, all the characters are collected and handed out to year 6. Finally, year 6 will sew the stuffed toy and turn it back to P5 as a surprise.

Last day P5 visited us and they finally found out who their mentor was. Mentors and children were sharing small talks and laughs about their characters. P5 children were trying to guess what mentors were doing with their drawings (because they didn’t know yet that everything was going to end up as a stuffed toy) and mentors were asking the authors questions about their drawings.

The year 6 students are learning some sewing techniques like short stitch. For creating the stuffed toy, first they designed the patterns, then they traced the patterns (A and B) on the fabric and next they will join both sides with pins, and finally they will sew the fabric using a needle, thread and most importantly… short stitch!