Come play with us…

…said teachers Júlia and Núria dressed like the twins in The Shining.

Today we have celebrated Halloween at school, special spooky day for Preschool and Primary children. Like every year we celebrated it with a terrific Treasure Hunt and we had great fun!

Penguins, Turtles and Elephants were the first ones to find out the new games that the “big ones” (6th. Graders) had prepared for them, because they had their party in the morning.

Although some of the activities are a “must” and have to be repeated every year (like the Haunted House or Bite the Filipinos) others are changed from time to time.

Some of the games that have disappeared this year have been Skeletoni and Bobbing for Apples, but they have been substituted by some new and exciting ones. Among them, two of our favourite ones have been The scary forest (where the youngest children had to look for spiders, skeletons and pumpkins) and Bloody Screws (in which the eldest ones had to take out and match lots of screws and nuts from a bucket filled with blood).

As always, any part of the school was suitable for our Treasure Hunt: the dining room, the playground, the gym and the classrooms! And since children were dressed in their home-made fancy dresses you could find a scary creature anywhere.

Regarding costumes we want to say that we are very proud them!