Good results in university access exams

Our school offers the possibility to study the different batxillerat paths within the two major formats, the scientific and technological batxillerat and the social sciences and humanities batxillerat. The subjects are selected taking into account the interests, abilities and the scores on the weighting charts for university access. For example, in the scientific batxillerat all students study mathematics as a core subject and physics because the majority of university degrees grant it the highest score.

We are a centre with recognised experience in preparing students for university access exams and have the results to demonstrate this, with 100% of students passing them. In the academic year 2015-16 we obtained our highest average score to date, and the school was ranked 13th out of more than 700 centres in the whole of Catalonia.

Aware of the importance of this educational stage, we rely on the involvement of the families and, in particular, that of student, who is expected to show commitment, effort and consistency. The school provides assistance in all areas necessary for their emotional well-being and to assess their objectives.

Applying the same criteria as the institutes in Finland, batxillerat has an intensive morning timetable (from 8 am to 2:30 pm, with attendance recorded) in order to provide more freedom to the student and a margin of time in order to study and do other activities deemed appropriate. The distribution and the equipment in the classrooms with audiovisual resources is also inspired by the prestigious Finnish education system, which encourages collaborative and cooperative tasks. As with the other stages, in batxillerat we use resources from the Culture of Thought to integrate the learning processes in a more conscious, visible, motivating and efficient manner.

In order to carry out the Research Project associated to the Curriculum for this stage, each student is assigned an individual tutor who will guide them, monitor them, supervise them, and as part of the jury, evaluate them. This project usually begins midway through the first year and finishes at the beginning of the second year of batxillerat. and the students normally dedicate an average of approximately 70 hours to this task.

In addition to working together with the student so that they obtain skills in the research, management and processing of formation, we push them so that they also obtain good communication skills. With this in mind, we invite experts in communication to the school to carry out oral expression workshops.

Personal, academic and professional guidance

The first step is to guide the students so that they so choose the batxillerat route that is most in line with their interests, preferences and potential. For this reason, during ESO year 4, we offer an extracurricular activity called “Living in a Job” where expert consultants in guidance and the creation of professional projects help them make the right decision.

We place great deal of emphasis on academic support and guidance with regard to the University Access Tests (PAU), and also the professional, thanks to the cooperation of these external professional guidance experts and professionals from Unportal, who during batxillerat year 1 explain how to use this platform equipped with extensive and detailed information on all the options for the future. We also receive visits from representatives of different Catalan universities, who orient the students so they can take this step with certainty and in full knowledge of the facts.

There is a maximum of 20 students per class and the relaxed atmosphere and close relationship with the teachers creates a bond that facilitates learning. Furthermore there is also support and advice in order to properly cope with the exams, avoid excessive pressure or other stressful elements.

We have a solid teaching staff, which is qualified, dedicated and emphatic, and all of them are specialists in this educational stage. In addition to meetings with the tutors, we offer families the option of a shared tutoring with any teacher and which also includes the presence of the student to encourage the complete commitment of all parties. As with the other stages, we offer personalised attention to all students, with particular attention to diversity: ADD, ADHD, dyslexia or gifted children.

We complement classes with themed talks and workshops with specialists from different areas (from healthy nutrition to self-awareness, the correct use of social media or the fight against food waste), cultural, sports and informative excursions, and practical sessions at the University or specialist centres such as the Biomedical Research Park or the Alicia Foundation.

We encourage studying and obtaining qualifications in English

Our system consists of continuous assessment with two assessments and one resit carried out each term. The assessment at the end of batxillerat year 2 depends on whether the student wants to do the university access exams or advanced vocational training. In the first case they will have to take a final exam for all the subjects that they have selected for the PAU, and the rest can be passed by way of end of term assessment. Where necessary, private classes can be arranged with the school’s teachers before the exams or during the whole course.

We are firmly committed to new technologies with educational potential, such as Google Apps for Education, which teachers and students share as useful tools within the learning process and to perform a better follow-up. With regards to English, in batxillerat the students are grouped into two levels: standard and advanced. They can take in the official exams (First Certificate in English (FCE), Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE)) at our school as we are a Cambridge exam centre. Furthermore, thanks to a programme organised by Academica, we offer students a unique opportunity: to combine their studies with credits in subjects studied at high schools in the United States in order to obtain the American qualification, which is recognised in all states and universities around the world.

Did you know that you our school offers a double
qualification with the American High School Diploma?