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If you are interested in the school and would like more information, fill out this information form and we would be very pleased to arrange an interview:

    School visit

    We offer the possibility to visit the school during class hours to show how it really operates. With this in mind, we organise meetings with the parents that wish to enrol their children in nursery or preschool, where we will show them the facilities and invite them to informative session where they can ask questions. For those interested in the higher courses, we can arrange private interviews.

    For further information you can contact the school or complete the visit form:


      These are our enrolment protocols:
      • Preschool: it would be advisable to attend one of the informative meetings. Should this not be possible, a private meeting may be requested by calling the school or registering using the form on this page.
      • Primary education, ESO and batxillerat: private interview between the student’s parents and the Management (it is advisable that the student is enrolled for ESO and batxillerat).
      Frequently asked questions:

      Siblings of our students can enrol in November. Enrolments for new families commence on the first Monday in December at 09:00. Places are allocated on a first-come first-served basis When all the places are filled, a waiting list will be opened.

      It is necessary to fill out the enrolment forms at the school.

      On the student information sheet that we will give you to fill out at the school, we need the mobile telephone numbers and emails of parents, and a bank account number. Enrolment will be complete once the form has been completed and the amount paid.

      If you would like further information, complete this enrolment form and we will arrange an interview.