The sum total of the best methodologies

The application of our educational project in the classroom is the sum of different methodologies, which have evolved in parallel to the school, the educational world and society. Furthermore, the current management team is open and receptive to other international educational models and especially to the Culture of Thought which arrives as a logical evolution of our journey.

Another recent example is the study trip that a team from the school made to Finland in 2013. The purpose of this group was to verify in situ why the education system in this Nordic country was among the highest ranked in the OECD PISA tests.

In the following report you can see the visit of this group of teachers to different schools, institutes and universities in Helsinki, with interviews and interesting exchanges of information

Based on the experience demonstrated in the report, we were able to reaffirm that we were working in the right direction towards an inclusive and comprehensive school model, with a type of flexible and competency-based learning, accessible resources and a highly qualified teaching staff. This fact finding trip also served as an inspiration to adapt our school to an Education Innovation Plan (EIP) with the following actions:

  • Adapt the length of the classes according to student age
  • Implement brain breaks
  • Increase the number of rest areas
  • Encourage cooperative and collaborative work
  • More competency-based learning
  • Dynamise the classrooms
  • Changes in the assessment system
  • Increase the promotion of reading
  • Update the rules of coexistence within the school
  • Flexible grouping of students in certain subjects
  • Action protocol in cases of ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and gifted children
  • New pedagogic resources and interactive material
  • Increase the teaching staff

We encourage a love for learning

The methodology of our school is constructivist and experiential, placing the student in the centre of the learning and making them fully participant. Furthermore, the fact that we are a school with a single line scheme allows us to take into account the skills and abilities of each student in particular and address the different profiles, rhythms, interests and concerns.

Likewise, we offer the option of shared tutoring which encourages three-way meetings in the which family, student and the teacher participate. These meetings are very well received due to their complicity, closeness and the sense of team that they create, and are also offered together with the more traditional meetings with the student’s tutor, which are always available to families.

This development of the student’s potential begins in infancy, based on the programmes that stimulate the different types of intelligence and interest in learning.

According to our criteria, the result is a combination of the best current methodological strategies, which range from co-operative tasks, collaboration, projects, EMAT and Ludilletres, chess, robotics and programming, physical education, healthy habits, etc.

Activities are always carried out in a serene and cordial environment, which is even more favourable to the type of comprehensive education which helps students become people with resources, confidence, assurance, autonomy, sensitivity, imagination, empathy, creativity, respect, solidarity, generosity and who are emotionally balanced.