80 years devoted to teaching

The Pérez Iborra School is one of the private colleges in Barcelona with the longest tradition, and at the same time, one with the most future. Our solid base, managed through our own experience, is now joined by a passionate project representing the present and the future. An exciting future that has come together thanks to the Culture of Thought, focused on relevant and continuous learning.

Our school’s mission has always been to offer quality academic and personal training since Montserrat Pérez Iborra founded the school in 1939, to the present, now managed by her grandson, Jordi Casas. In recent years, this interdependence between tradition and modernity has allowed us to design a project based on our background and also inspired by the best international methodologies.

If you like history, here you can see a documentary recorded to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the school, explaining its journey since its foundation 

Our open, receptive and productive attitude has made the Pérez Iborra School an active agent in the new educational paradigm, which is being developed at a global level.

By being a fully private school, families are able to exercise freedom of choice when deciding upon the centre based on its educational project, and without conditions such as points or draws when applying for a place.

Other characteristic traits that define us are: we are a secular and respectful school, trilingual without obligations, inclusive by taking into account the different realities of each one of our students, and our happy, close-knit and familiar setting.

Our academic success is also attributable to our dedicated and long-serving teaching staff who are highly qualified, on both a professional and personal level. This team spirit and continuous training the school offers its teachers allows us all to progress in the same direction.

Discover our educational project, based in our own
background, the best methodologies and
the Culture of Thought