School meals

ll meals are freshly cooked on site and managed by an external organisation specialising in nutrition. The menus are designed by nutritionists, based on the Mediterranean diet and market cuisine and locally sourced. We have approved suppliers and carry out hygiene checks every day. We can cater for specific diets, such as allergies or intolerances. When the students are on excursions, the kitchen prepares packed lunches for students that have school meals.

The dinner hall is monitored by the school’s teachers, which encourages good table manners and they ensure that the students eat well. The dinner hall is an area where children also learn to eat with correct table manners: appropriate use of cutlery and serviette, knowing to wait before beginning, remaining sat during the meal, learning to eat everything even though there is something that they do not like, etc.

Psychopedagogical Counselling Department

The PCD assists the teaching staff so they can work appropriately with those students that require special attention. Together they collaborate in early detection and, where it is deemed appropriate the students are referred to a professional to make a diagnosis. The most common reinforcements that they coordinate and usually crossed laterality, concentration or speech difficulties, attention deficit, gifted children, etc.

The PCD acts as a bridge between the external professionals and the school and our teachers. It is very highly regarded for its response, quick actions and efficiency, especially for its proactive actions to prevent the problem from worsening. Furthermore, it is responsible for providing emotional support to students with special needs in expression, managing their emotions or for a specific situation.

Special educational needs

Our school is particularly sensitive when providing an educational response that is fair and offers equal opportunities to students with special educational needs (SEN), whether because they are gifted children, or suffer from ADD, ADHD or dyslexia.

As an inclusive school, our Psychopedagogical Counselling Department organises a tailor-made programme for our gifted students, in partnership with Centre Kepler, which specialises in this type of student. Our teachers have received specific training in order to properly manage students that have been identified as a gifted by a qualified professional. We also offer the students the possibility to participate in educational and recreational workshops -during and outside school hours- with classmates with shared interests and manners of behaving, whom they perceive as equals. These sessions are organised by the specialists at Centre Kepler in a way that is stimulating for the students, and during which they also work on emotions and social skills to help them in their personal and cognitive growth and social integration.

Morning drop-off and afternoon collection

We offer a free service that allows students to extend their stay at the school and therefore favour their parents’ work-life balance. This is provided for preschool and primary and the timetable is from 8 to 09 am and from 17 to 17:30 pm.

Private classes

As an extra help for classes, where necessary, we offer the option of private classes given by teachers or former students. These can be requested as required, for example before exams, or during the whole course, with a wide range of times available (morning, midday or afternoon).

Extracurricular activities

We offer three types of extracurricular activities, educational, sports and arts with specialised and professional teachers. The extra-curricular activities have been considered, in many cases, as a good resource for reconciling the work-life balance. But beyond this reconciliatory function, we assert their educational, enriching and enjoyable aspects.

If you would like more information on all the clubs offered and timetables, please click the following links:

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Summer Life

The school has its own Summer Campus, with different formats depending on the age: the Eixample Summer Campus for P1 and P2, Summer Life Kids for Preschool children, and Summer Life for primary education children.

It runs for a maximum duration of five weeks, although there is the possibility to enrol on a weekly basis.

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