Food for thought

Mark Kurlansky (writer) said “Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture”.

This has been the central theme of this year´s ArtLink Program (USA).

The ArtLink project is aimed to organize exchanges between classes in the USA and 56 other countries on 5 different continents through artistic expression (drawings).

And this year our 1st ESO students have had the opportunity to participate and share their culture and way of life with a class of 7th graders from Weston (Connecticut).

All the students, both ours and the American ones, created an individual piece of art illustrating a cultural value that was meaningful to them. Food had to be included in the piece. Some examples of our pieces were local markets, a boy or girl in a wood gathering mushrooms or chestnuts, a Tió de Nadal being fed, Christmas celebrations, allioli, …

All the pieces were accompanied by an Artist Description Sheet written by every student, which included a brief description of the piece, why the student had chosen the subject, some personal information and a photo.

Once we shipped our pieces of art to the USA, we just had to wait for theirs.

We received them some weeks ago, and then we examined and analyzed them, because we were going to comment them in a post-exchange activity…a live videoconference with our partner class!

This nice experience wouldn´t have been possible without the help of our teacher Santi Pujalte, our school “tech” person. Thanks Santi!

Some days ago we were sent the ArtLink International Art Portfolio with a selection of some of the most insightful pieces from all over the world. And one of our students had been selected! Apart from this, three of our pieces of art have been chosen for this year´s International Children´s Art Exhibit displayed at the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk (Connecticut) on May 15th. We have been told we are going to be sent some invitations…

So here you have some photos of this great experience!