Last Friday our school turned into a huge pumpkin patch were lots of creepy creatures were crawling all over. Children, teachers and even the cooks dressed up with their scariest costumes: witches, zombies, mummies, vampires, devils, pumpkins, bats, black cats… and every classroom was garlanded with Halloween decorations.

As it is usual, sixth grade students were the organisers of two Halloween treasure hunts, one for Primary and another for Preschool students. Children had to overcome up to 10 different activities related to that holiday, such as bobbing for apples, getting in a haunted house, dancing a spooky choreography or creating a skeleton using different types of pasta.

After all groups went through all activities they gathered in the playground. Once there, children wearing the most original hand-made costume were rewarded with a little prize. The Halloween treasure hunt concluded with lots of candy for everybody and a toast: “And now this treasure hunt is over, we say goodbye until next October. Happy Halloween!”