Learning about animals


Today our Snail Class had an amazing activity. First, I read them the story about the “Farm Animals”. They enjoyed listening to the sounds made by common farm animals.

Then, we played Hide and Seek Sensory Play and worked on our fine motor skills by searching for and catching farm animals among the rice and split peas. We used our both hands and fingers to feel the rice and split peas mixture… This was all done while singing “Old Mac Donald Had a Farm”.

Our little ones were eager to take turns.

Learning about animals was very exciting for the children.



Our Fish Class had so much fun today. We talked about the monkeys, the mother and the doctor. We emphasized the role of the doctor in the community.

Then we sang “Five Little Monkeys”. Singing enhances children’s language development. From the song they learned new words and numbers without even realising it.

Look at the photos and see how active the children are!