London: there we go!

Seven days left to go to London! We can’t wait to board the plane and fly to such an amazing city! This week we are going to set everything for the journey: check everybody has all required documents, trace the route, change the currency, pack our bags, read about the places we are going to visit, learn some things about the British culture, decide which musical we want to see… Tough work!

For us, the English and Science classes are over and we are entirely going to devote our time to carry on a project about London. For the past two weeks we have been gathering all kinds of information about the city: guides, books, maps, photos, webpages, videos…

The starting point is to decide which places or activities we are interested in: the British Museum, Camden Town, China Town, Soho, Madam Tussauds, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Harrods, King’s Cross platform (for Harry Potter lovers), Piccadilly Circus, the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Covent Garden, Natural History Museum, the Tube, Sherlock Holmes Museum, Green park, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Hamleys, the musical… Wow! There’s definitely so much to see there! After that, we will decide when to do them and which is the best way to get there.

The second part of this project is a kind of role play: we will be our own tourist guides! In pairs, we will choose a place to read about in depth, so when we get there we can explain our classmates everything about it (including curiosities and dark secrets…). Everywhere we go, there’s going to be somebody who supports the visit with plenty of interesting information, so we don’t miss a thing!

Packing our bag is an important job, too. It often rains in London, so we will have to carry a raincoat. We will have to walk for hours, which is the best way to get to know a city, so we will have to provide ourselves with a pair of extremely comfortable (waterproof) shoes. We can’t forget to bring an adapter, since their sockets are different to ours, and we will have to charge mobile phones and camera batteries at night. And, of course, we will need to get some pounds, the official currency in the UK, if we want to buy something in places such as Camden Town, where credit cards aren’t accepted.

Security is also very important for us, that’s why we will always have a mobile phone with us in case we get lost and we need to contact our teachers or vice versa. We will also be given a card with the teacher’s mobile phones, the Hotel’s address and its contact number.

We know our parents will miss us a lot. But they don’t have to worry! Once we get there, every evening three of us will turn into journalists, too. We will write a post and send a few nice pictures for the blog so everybody can see everything we did during the day.

Well, this is all so far! This is going to be such a busy week but we have the feeling we are going to enjoy ourselves so much…