A new parents workshop in kindergarten

Two weeks ago, the Penguins attended a parents workshop focused on Miró’s work. First of all, they told us who he was and later we started to recognize the colours and geometrical shapes he used in them while looking to some of his masterpieces on the digital board.

Once this was done, we started reproducing his works in a very amusing way!: using scissors we had to cut out bits of shiny paper and to stick them on a white cardboard. We also drew the silhouettes and lines with some black markers. Finally, we copied Miró’s signature and we also signed with our own signatures!

At our parents workshop in P3 we have focused on two main art activities. The first one was creating our own drawing in pencil on a DIN-A4 format foam board. Then, we painted it with shaving foam. To do so, the parents added some colorant in it to make it of different colours. The order was not to spread the foam, but to put it on top of the paper so that, once dried, it would solidify and stand out in relief.

When we finished, we put it out to dry and meanwhile we painted a mask with a sponge and some paint. The mask covered our whole face!. Finally, those who wanted, stuck some pompoms on them. It was cool!

The Elephants’ mothers and fathers have prepared a little workshop that has allowed us to know a bit more, and above all to experiment, about different notions of Art. Why? Because we always think about painting, when we think about Art, but there are many other realities… and we have been able to experience them in the first person.

To start with, we got blindfolded and we had to smell different odours. It was a bit weird not being able to see what someone was approaching to our noses… but the truth is that it smelled really good! Having as an only reference what we have just smelled we had to draw what we thought it was. In this case, some strawberries and some leave of mint. It’s been very exciting!

We have kept on experimenting, this time with another technique: sculpture.

Using some drinking straws and play dough and working in teams, we have created all sort of objects: planes, doors, houses, sea urchins, bridges, castles, abstract statues… we were having such a good time with this activity that besides the parents were telling us that they had prepared other things for us, it was hard to leave our creations aside.

Finally, they proposed us the funniest activity of that afternoon (according to the Elephants). A huge white paper, different kind of music and some felt-tips have been more than enough to “draw music”. Waves, going up and down, dots, fast traces, some really slow lines… everything depended on the music we were listening to. It’s been really inspiring!

But that was not all. If “drawing music” seemed a bit weird, imagine “dancing it”!!! We have let our bodies go and we have tried to represent with movements the pictures that we have previously drawn on paper. It’s been very amusing and we have loved the final result!