News from London 3


First thing in the morning, to avoid long queues… Madam Tussaud’s wax museum! We simply loved it. We took pictures with some of the most important celebrities: Rafa Nadal, David Beckham, and some actors and singers like Rihanna or the Beatles. After that we saw Sherlock Holmes house in Baker Street, which is just round the corner.

Then we went to platform 9 and ¾ at Kings Cross station, where Harry Potter takes the train to Hogwards. We pushed the trolley to see if we could get into his magic world. Today we had lunch in an Italian restaurant. When we went out, we saw it was raining! Well, we couldn’t leave London without seeing some rain, could we?  We decided to go back to the hotel because we were getting wet in spite of our raincoats. Moreover, we thought we needed a rest before the most exciting part of the day: The musical Thriller. Amazing!!!

We finished quite late, so we decided to buy some sandwiches and eat them at the hotel. But before that, we gave Neus a farewell gift: a medal “to the best teacher”.

Today was one of the best days. We are really enjoying this trip so much.

Marina, Paula, Clara and Iñigo