News from London

Day 2

Today  we  woke  up  very  early  because  we  had  to  go  to the  Madame  Tussaud’s Museum  where  we  could  see  famous  people  statues  made  up  of  wax.  The attractions we  liked the  most were  a  rollercoaster through the history of London and the horror tunnel. It was very scary!

Then  we  had  lunch  at  Regent’s  Park  next  to the  lake with  the  ducks.  Later  we visited the Natural History  Museum, where  we could see some  amazing dinosaur fossils.

Then  we  took  one  of  the  typical  double-decked buses  to  go  to  the  world’s  most famous toys shop: Hamley’s. There are five floors full of toys!! However they were very expensive, like everything in London. In the evening we tried the famous fish

and chips in a typical English rest.

Day 3

Today  we  started  our  day  at  the  Big  Ben,  the  Houses of  the  Parliament  and Westminster Abbey. We walked  along the park till Buckingham Palace, where we could enjoy the Change ofGuard. We were very surprised that they were playing the modern song “Because I’m happy”.

At noon we took the tube to Covent Garden.  We had lunch at a restaurant and we ate  pasta. Then  we  visited  the  market  and  watched  astreet  performance.  It  was Charles Chaplin!

We came back to the hotel to have a shower and go to the musical “Mamma mia”.

The show lasted more than two hours and we sang and danced a lot. We had lots of fun!