“P.E, Physical Education”, playing & exercising at the same time

The importance of foreign languages in the educational process increases day by day in the global society in which we live. The teaching of non-linguistic areas taught in a foreign language is increasingly extended and is a major element in educational policy. For this reason, the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) takes a leading role.

CLIL offers opportunities to allow youngsters to use another language naturally, in such a way that they soon forget about the language and only focus on the learning topic. This means that in the class there are two main aims, one related to the activity and one linked to the language.

Considering all this, our PE lessons are divided by three parts: the warm-up, main body and cool-down.

As a warm-up, we make a circle time and we always start with a routine: singing a song of “P.E, Physical Education”. Then we choose one of the students and he/she has to do a movement that everyone is going to copy. We suggest a “Challenge Time” that means we challenge the students to touch their toes without bending their knees, or to move one arm forward and the other one backwards…

As a main body, we explain the goals of the lesson and the key vocabulary is introduced. This is when we organise some games using different motor, communicative and cognitive procedures such as “Traffic lights”, “What time is Mr Wolf?” or “The Crocodile”.  We always make sure that the rules are well explained and understood by the students, so they can respect the rules and play as a team.

In the last 5 minutes, the lessons conclude with a cool-down, for instance, they lay down in pairs and they give a relaxing massage on their partner´s back.