Science gymkhana

Once again all the students in Primary enjoyed the Science Gymkhana and an afternoon together. As part of the activities of the Science Week, our typical gymkhana consisted in three experiments including different fields, such as Biology, Chemistry, Geography or Physics, among others.

Each school level was divided into three groups to stimulate them to participate. So in total 9 trilingual experiments procured their fun and their learning.

First and second graders began learning the effects sound waves have on objects around: incredibly they moved without touching them! After this, they built an amazing flying rocket balloon. The last experiment consisted in dying daisy flowers. They were white and… they are reddening! It was not an instantaneous result but a slowly effect.

Third and fourth graders built a handmade compass by scrubbing with a magnet a needle which was attached to a card floating on water. They easily found the north in a traditional way. The second experiment consisted in comparing densities: why do some daily materials, such as Lego pieces, onions or cork, float and others sink? Finally, the third and funniest one was the blow-up balloon. The chemical reaction produced by the mixture of bicarbonate and vinegar resulted in CO2, so the balloon magically inflated!

As for the fifth and sixth graders, first they observed their fingerprint through the microscope. After it, they worked as geographers searching different cities around the world thanks to the geographic coordinates. All of them belong to the Mediterranean climate. Finally, they defeated gravity by mixing an egg-white with vinegar and baking soda. Incredibly, the resulting foam didn’t fell down!

It was an exhausting and funny afternoon during which they all had fun and, in many cases, got dirty… the best way to learn and appreciate science!