Theatre and Sciences

Last Monday students in 5th and 6th grades of Primary Education attended the theatre play “A la recerca dels records oblidats (Searching the forgotten memories)”. In a funny and enthusiastic way, the theatre company described what Alzheimer is to children.

InCiTe, Institut de Ciència i Teatre (Institute for Science and Theatre), is a company whose commitment is to divulgate science through dramatised explanations, thanks to public funds. InCiTe’s team currently comprises scientific researchers in Biology, Astrophysics, Biochemistry, who all have the passion for theatre.

Dr. Rose Memory of the Oblivion Research Centre, Boston, and her assistant Sinaptor started explaining the human brain, neurons, the reception of emotions and of the memories… and their oblivion! Alzheimer affects more than 4 million people over the world but its performance is still quite unknown. To end up the session, children have been asked for one memory they have thought previously and they had the option to ask their questions during the question time.

The children showed their interest in the play during more than one hour. Some of them haven’t heard anything about Alzheimer before; others are very aware at their home. To fully understand, they will keep on working on it during the whole week in the Science class.