Crónica de los alumnos desde Gales

Yesterday we went to Llamberris, at the foot of the Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales. There, we visited the National Slate Museum where we learnt how the workers’ lives used to be in the slate mines and how to cut slate plates. 

After this visit, we enjoyed a picnic on the grass, on the bank of a very beautiful lake and. Our dessert included playing games for a little while.

In the afternoon, we visited a small, ancient castle placed on the top of a hill: we felt as knights. Later on, we went to the village with the longest name in Europe: Llanfairpwllgwyngyll. Try to remember it!

We went to a shopping center where we bought some souvenirs for our families and friends. And finally we went for a walk in Llandudno. We had a lot of fun! For dinner, we had the typical English food: fish and chips. How tasty!!

To finish the day we spent some time playing with friends (and even teachers!) onto the Great Orme. It was a beautiful day! 

Today has been a veeery long day. In the morning, we did a very special activity: we had the chance to visit a typical English school called Saint David’s College. The school was fantastic, in the middle of the woods and surrounded by huge grass fields with sports pitches. There, we split in different groups and we attended some workshops they had prepared for us. We cooked the typical Welsh cakes, played and practised our English to communicate with the students and teachers. To finish the morning we have participated on a Physical Education lesson with the English students on the fields and they invited us to have lunch with them.

When we left the college, we went to Conwy, a very cute village near Llandudno with an impressive castle. We walked along the castle walls enjoying the views over the stuary and the low tide and later we visited the smallest house in the U.K. The ceiling was so low that we touched it with our heads! To finish the afternoon we went to play in a huge park. 

At 6.00 p.m., we came back to the house and…. we had to eat quicky to get ready for the disco!!